Arlo Guthrie Alice's Restaurant 50th Anniversary Massacree Official Release
Set One:
Motorcycle Song
Band Introductions (spoken word)
Chilling Of The Evening
Mostly Dead (spoken word)
St. James Infirmary
Self-Esteem Building (spoken word)
Me & My Goose
Tales (spoken word)
Ocean Crossing
Last Train
Pig Meat
More Tales (spoken word)
Coming Into Los Angeles

Set Two:
50th Anniversary Alice's Restaurant Massacree
Forgetting Stuff (spoken word)
Clips From The Movie (spoken word)
Test Pressing/Woody Archive (spoken word)
I Hear You Sing Again
City Of New Orleans
Train Songs (spoken word)
Tales of '65 (spoken word)
Highway In The Wind
This Land Is Your Land/ Where Something Happened
Here's The Deal (spoken word)
What A Night (spoken word)
My Peace