May 11, 2016 - South Orange, NJ - SOPAC The End Of The Alice 50 Tour

Well, here we are at the end of a long journey. We've been through a lot - baked by the heat, drenched in the rains, frozen by ice - all the usual stuff. We've seen some wonderful places and happy faces, which is what keeps us going. But, as with all things, even though you never quite get used to it, they come to an end.

I owe more to our crew than can be written or spoken. They made every little detail of a logistical nightmare work smoothly and magically for 130 shows for over a year and a half. There's some that didn't last the entire tour, but their help was still immeasurable even if they are not here tonight with us. And for all of you came out, or reading this or have been supportive even you are nowhere near where we played - Thank You All!

Okay, time to get ready for the last gig of this tour. There will be three more shows following up - Fund Raisers for The Church. It's not really part of the tour but will be the same show, although we'll bring in some different lights etc., as we can't fit this production in the old building. I do a few of these fund-raisers for The Church every year, and it always helps.

Now that this tour is almost over, I can't wait to get the summer going. The bike is fueled and charged - ready to roll. The kitty cats at The Farm probably know I'm finally getting back. They love clawing my luggage to pieces. Time to get some sun and some time in the water - Time to get moving and take some pictures. It's gonna be good... Much Love, adg

P.S. I will write a more appropriate 'thank you' with everyone's names as soon as possible.