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Johnny Irion Discography

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U.S. Elevator
Featuring Johnny Irion. Produced by Tim Bluhm. Johnny Irion, Nate Modisette, Erich Riedl, Anders Bergstrom, Brett Long. "His new band, U.S. Elevator, looks back even more evocatively, and boisterously, with songs that feel as lovingly hand-crafted as the jeans on the back of After the Gold Rush." Rolling Stone 1/15/16
Track Listing:
Pierre Lafond
Can I Make It Up To You?
Community Service
Cry For Help
Dangerous Love
Momma-Cito Blues
Where The Rubber Meets The Road
Wall Of Grief
Sleep Ain't Nothin' But Death's Brother
Pineapple Express
Pierre Lafond Re-Mix (exclusive to CD version)