All Over The World

Hi Folks - Annie G here. I just got off the phone with my dad who is having a great time over in Scandinavia! I wanted to share the TV4 interview he did on January 10th with very little sleep.

Darkest Hour 


Alabama Bound 

Other exciting news... we are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of All Over The World. We have remastered the tracks from the original release as well as come up with a second volume carefully selected from family favorites. We are calling it THE BEST OF ALL OVER THE WORLD VOLs. 1 & 2. You can download it right here for the very special price of $19.99 that's right folks, $19.99 for 27 tracks, it's simply unheard of.. okay not really, but I wanted to sound like one of those as seen on TV commercials...Not good at it, but check it out - The Best of All Over The World


The Boys' Night Out tour continues with Abe & Krishna Guthrie and The Incredible Terry A La Berry

02-08-2012 Hampton, VA The American Theater
02-09-2012 Hampton, VA The American Theater
02-11-2012 Fairfax, VA George Mason University
02-12-2012 Richmond, VA The Modlin Center for the Arts
Annapolis, MD The Children's Theatre of Annapolis
02-18-2012 Charlotte, NC McGlohon Theater at Spirit Square
02-19-2012 Newberry, SC Newberry Opera House
02-23-2012 Gainesville, FL The Phillips Center
02-24-2012 Fort Lauderdale, FL The Parker Playhouse

Don't forget to stop by the merch table and say hi to Mo! Maybe pick up a Baby's Storybook or five. I must say that sale really helped. I am getting the feeling back in my arms, but we still have much more to go!


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