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Annie Guthrie


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Artist: Annie Guthrie

Born with a guitar in one hand and a...Oh crap, wrong Guthrie...Born among great artists, Annie Guthrie had many options for inspiration. At a young age she saw a picture of her grandmother Marjorie, a Martha Graham dancer, that motivated her to become a dancer. Her stubborn personality meant nothing was going to stop her. Eventually a knee injury slowed her down; that’s when her mother, Mrs. G, put a guitar in her hands and taught her a few chords. It didn’t take long for Annie to reinvent her love — she still dances, just a little differently now. She recalls her dad teaching her how to play Elizabeth Cotten’s song ‘Freight Train’. “My dad started off showing me the chords and saying, ‘Okay do this with your thumb,’ and he’d go away for a few months. He’d come back and ask me if I practiced. I was in love and couldn’t put the guitar down, so of course I practiced. Once he realized I wasn’t giving up, he kept adding a new finger and another string.” Having been performing for as long as she can remember, Annie Guthrie is a prolific songwriter and versatile musician who defines her genre as folk-punk. She primarily plays acoustic guitar, bass, and autoharp. If you see her with a hammer dulcimer, run! Her songs are honest, ranging from light and funny to gut-wrenching heartbreak (mostly gut-wrenching heartbreak). No matter the topic, Guthrie never fails to bring a smile to the stage. Making her recording debut on Arlo Guthrie’s Power of Love album at the age of four, Annie went on to contribute vocals on Woody’s 20 Grow Big Songs, and More Together Again. Although Annie often performs solo or with her band, Guthrie loves the opportunity to perform and tour with her siblings as The GBabes, The Guthrie Family Reunion, and occasionally alongside Folk Uke. In 2011 she teamed up with singer-songwriter Bobby Sweet to form Bitter Sweet, supporting each other musically and with harmony vocals. Annie's solo debut Dragonfly is now available through Rising Son Records.